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Keener_Blog_Cow_200pxIt’s official! Our new website is up-and-running, and life on the farm gets better everyday. These are exciting times! This new site really makes it easier than ever for our customers to learn about and buy our quality meats.

In 1830, when the State of Ohio was only 27 years old, my great-great grandfather, John Keener, started the farm. He could never have imagined how technologically advanced we farmers would become, but he would be proud to know that the Keener family and customers are eating meat from grass fed cows, pastured chickens, as well as sausage and bacon made from pigs farrowed in a wood lot. Clearly, 185 years of progress can be measured in many ways, but I still share the same peace-of-mind as my great-great-grandpa John, knowing that we provide meat from healthy and humanely treated animals. We raise our animals with a caring heart…and a mind for quality.

Thanks to everyone who supports small sustainable farms! People, who buy local, have single handedly brought our farm back to life. In return, we guarantee to deliver responsibly and locally raised meat. We know you’ll taste the difference…and you might even feel the difference.


When people ask me, “So, what exactly is it that you do Matt?” I tell them, “I’m a modern farmer, but with the spirit of my great-great-grandfather always working with me.” Keener Farm is a wonderful place to live and work. You and your family are always welcome to visit and walk the 185 year-old grounds. See how we do things today and be part of the Keener family in the future.

Give us a call, you’re welcome anytime!



Keener Farm CSA

  • Ron and Brenda Williams
    Posted at 14:52h, 16 July Reply

    Love the website Matt. Sending 2 potential customers to your site. Glad you are doing well.

  • Jeff Glueckert
    Posted at 00:58h, 08 June Reply

    Lived right down the road on Old Dayton for many years, drove by the farm so many times and never knew. Would love to stop by the farm and see and hear the history firsthand. So very cool.

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