Keener Farm is proud to offer our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program! In this CSA program, Keener Farm will provide you with a box of locally raised, pastured and grass-fed meat.


What’s a CSA? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, and defines a relationship between the farm and the consumer. The consumer purchases a share of the current year’s livestock, becoming a shareholder of the herd, and as a shareholder, the consumer secures a share of the farm’s annual meat production. This is known as a membership.


What does membership offer? When you purchase a CSA membership you not only help support a small local farm, but you also get to enjoy the freshest, tastiest meat available! Keener Farm will raise and process your share of meat every month. And at Keener Farm, we guarantee to provide responsibly, locally raised meat. We know you’ll taste the difference.


How much does it cost? As a shareholder in the farm, fees are due every month or three months depending on your plan. Pricing details are below.


Monthly Plan

  • 20 lb share = $193/month
  • 15 lb share = $132/month
  • 8 lb share = $88/month
Quarterly Plan (Biggest Savings)
  • 20 lb share = $574 per quarter (3 months)
  • 15 lb share = $363 per quarter (3 months)
  • 8 lb share = $231 per quarter (3 months)


What will I get? Keener Farm’s CSA provides grass-fed beef, pastured chicken, and choice cuts of pork, sausage & bacon from pigs farrowed in a wood lot. Our CSA’s consist of packages containing choice cuts and ground meat.


When does it start? There is rolling admission into the meat CSA. Members sign up for a three-month period at a time.


How will you get your shares? Our primary delivery location is at the Keener Farm Butcher Block. The address is 2857 Crescent Boulevard, Kettering, OH 45409. This is our exciting new retail store where you can pick up your CSA delivery and shop all of our delicious Keener products. We will also be carrying a wide variety of quality local products made right here in Ohio.


CSA members will be assigned the first Wednesday or Second Wednesday of each month for pickup days between 11:00 am and 7:00 pm.


If you miss your pickup day, you will be charged a $20 restocking fee.

For more information check out our FAQ page or ask a member of the Keener Team by emailing us at!


How do I order? Fill out the order form below for the 8 lb, 15lb, or 20 lb Herd Share of your choice from Keener Farm CSA today!


Herd share purchases automatically renew after three months. To end a plan, send an email to: with the subject: CANCEL HERD SHARE.

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