Q: Can I receive my share year round?
A: Yes, Keener Farm CSA is year round.


Q: Has anything you have raised have steroids/hormones?
A: No, we are 100% no steroids or hormones.


Q: How does the CSA work?
A: Keener Farm will raise, process and deliver your share of the meat once a month to the Dayton or the Yellow Springs drop off location. You will choose which package size you prefer on your contract that you are given from the start.


Q: What will I receive in my share?
A: Each package contains choice cuts and ground meat. Each CSA member gets assigned a cut list that contains all the cuts from each animal. As the packages are filled the cuts are rotated each month.


Ground beef, chuck roast, rib steak, sirloin, porterhouse, t-bone, cubed, round, short ribs, oxtail, beef tongue, liver, heart, and brisket.


Whole birds, breast, backs, patties, cut up, feet, wings, and eggs.


Bacon, fresh side (uncured bacon), sage sausage, Italian sausage, pork chops, roast, sage breakfast links, brats, ham hocks, liver, and lard. We also sell Maple syrup that is made right here on the farm. Available in quarts and pints.


Q: What does it mean by extras?
A: Every month we always send out an email asking if any member would like to add anything to their package. This means that we either have things on sale or something new to share with you.


Q: Are we able to visit the farm?
A: Yes, we encourage you to come visit the farm anytime to see where your food is being raised.