Our Story
In 1830, our farm was purchased by my great-great grandfather, John Keener, when Ohio had only been a state for 27 years. The 160-acre farm has 50 acres of old-growth forest and 100 acres of farmland and pasture. The farm house, bank barn, tobacco shed, and ice house were all built before 1850 by my ancestors.


In 2011, responding to a need from the educated consumer for local responsibly raised meats, Keener Farm started a meat CSA providing g grass-fed beef, pastured chicken and eggs, and choice cuts of pork, sausage & bacon from pigs farrowed in a wood lot. We have now expanded into the production of pastured eggs.


It is our belief that nature has provided us with wonderful gifts, our farm being one. We are dedicated to working with nature to produce animals that are developed and raised as nature intended. We believe this produces the healthiest animals, thus the healthiest food. It is our goal to be the best possible stewards of our land and animals. We achieve these goals by careful planning and a commitment to not use external additives. As a result, we provide an excellent product that gives you a healthy choice for your diet. Keener Farm is local, responsibly raised meats from healthy hormone-free animals.


Keener Farm History
1805 John Keener was born in Dauphin County Pennsylvania
1830 He moved to Dayton, Ohio and bought 160 wooded acres for 4 horses and a wagon. The standing timber was used to build the log cabin and all of the barns. The last bit of woods was cleared in 1890. Ohio was 27 years old. Andrew Jackson was the 7th President of the United States.
1840 Jacob Keener was born in the log cabin. He helped build the big barn and the tobacco shed.
1901 Ephraim Keener was born. In 1940 he remodeled the house, dug a basement, upgraded the plumbing, and added electric to the barn.
1940 David Keener was born. He helped tear down the smoke house in 1960. He made many upgrades to the buildings and remodeled the house in 2000. He is the current owner of the farm.
1977 Matthew Keener was born. He spent 6 years in Montana and started the CSA in 2012 when he came home. He also reinstituted the maple syrup production on the farm. Presently the farm has a pasture-based, beef, poultry, and egg business. We provide healthy food for families and restaurants. We occasionally conduct farm tours for school groups and Matthew is a frequent guest speaker promoting sustainable farming.